The PR Tool Kit

Cambria prototyped and presented The Public Relations Toolkit as her capstone project at The University of Texas at Dallas in 2014. She received the EMAC Outstanding Graduate Student Award for her work.

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About The Public Relations Toolkit

For better or worse, public relations has changed in the digital era. Traditional methods of distributing information and influencing public opinion have been altered with the emergence of new media, especially in regards to the internet. We now have more ways than ever to share information with the public and more people than ever have access to digital platforms. Public relations practitioners no longer have complete control over what information is shared about their clients or organizations. With the click of a button, anyone can share positive or negative information via social media, blogs, podcasts, online videos and more. As the digital era continues to progress, modern public relations professionals must keep up.

With this in mind, I am designing a mobile application to help PR professionals keep up with the digital era. The Public Relations toolkit will allow professionals to quickly generate press releases, connect with media and manage their clients from their smartphone. With the rapid increase of smart phone users, a mobile application would be the ideal platform for The Public Relations Toolkit. PR professionals will have access to the tools they need with just the touch of an app.

The Public Relations Toolkit- Design/UI Kit

PR Tookit UI Kit